Perfect Crime

by Sullee J

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Sullee J is back with his impeccable flow on his new track "Perfect Crime" off his upcoming mixtape The Vicegerent. As seen on CBS, FOX news, The Source, Yahoo News, and more, he has managed to consistently keep bringing us new hits. Perfect Crime is a club banger, one you can chill to, and one you can feel through. This song is definitely for all the ladies who want that special someone, and for all the men who are willing to do what it takes to get that special someone



u steal mine
n ill steal urs
its the perfect crime
a love so pure

baby -
u steal mine
n ill steal urs
its the perfect crime
a love so pure

baby r u down
down for the felony
i commit the crime
stick around for the melody

u steal mine
n ill steal urs
we can both do time
stick around, ur my remedy

Verse 1

Your love is so dangerous
so strange that its
got me feelin things
its about to get flagarant
your touch, your lips
your body n its fragrance
i jus wana kiss ya
long as i been waiting, its
the way that u be tasting, its
flavor so amazing its,
a rush in thru my veinz
the sensation its
can't explain, no matter wat I'm facing
i want u forever
that permanent duration,
we can go high babe
higher than a space ship
cruise among the planets
have intimate conversations
love like theres a fire
violent desire
girl u gimmi chills
like a virulence, dire
so let me kiss u slow
til u glow
i take u for a ride
until u make it snow
il keep u up late
nights' u make me so
crazy deep inside
i don't wan a let u go

Verse 2

girl ur deception
girl ur the matrix
beautiful, diamond
i swear that ur my favorite
smile is perfection
wildest invention
the way u make me feel
i got the foulest intentions
yes, ur my rain drop
ur my peace, like
every time my heart beats
ur love is what it speaks, right
get a little close, yeh
babe a little closer
we cud speed it up
ferrari testarossa
switch gears
love don't fear
so ima do watever
i can, for u to steer
all in my atrium
unto my cranium
u cud be my gold
or be my palladium
flyest, so above
average, chick
riots, everybody
after, it
and u no they don't need u
hatin like they know me though
girl be my juliet
leme be ur romeo

Verse 3

your love is addiction
drug, prescription
sprung, all the friction
led to conviction
ima over-dose
dose I'm obsessed wit
ima keep u close
soul resurrected
look into my eyes
mirror, reflection
tides of affection
rise wit a sense
suspense, every action
temperature high
immense, attraction
can't believe ur real
i love the way u feel
when I'm deep within ur flesh
everything surreal
kiss me on the lips
it all begins to heal
a miracle, blessed
ill invest in the deal
u belong to me
n no other shall steal
or a side will be shown
that i don't like to reveal
ur my angel, for real
put my heart on a yield
baby lets commit the crime
its perfect, seal


released March 11, 2013
Produced By Frost



all rights reserved


Sullee J Baltimore, Maryland

"How is My Music Different? Because it Makes a Difference!" - Sullee J

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